Horse Magnetic Mash Summer Blankets

Horse Magnetic Mash Summer Blankets

Horse Magnetic Summer Mash Blanket
Horse Magnetic Sheet Blanket Horse Magnetic Sheet Blanket

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This Soft Poly Mash Breathable Magnetic Blanket is a top choice forM many barrel racers as well as eventers. Be at the top of your game and help your horse be the best performer they can be. Can be worn under other sheets or blankets. Magnets are known to speed healing by increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation and easing soreness.

Soft Magnetic Mash Breathable Magnetic Blanket, has 90 North Polarity Neodymium Magnets with Gauss Rating at 12,300 gauss. Magnetic Units concealed in Neoprene Pockets placed across the Blanket to provide Magnetic stimulation of joints and muscles of shoulders, back, loins and hips. Open front with two adjustable straps, adjustable surcingle with heavy-duty plastic snap-in closure, and adjustable hind leg straps. Perfect for use alone in warm weather or under a blanket in cold weather. Magnets are used to expedite injury rehabilitation by increasing the flow of blood to reduce inflammation and discomfort. The accelerated blood flow increases the rate of beneficial oxygen and nutrients to the area as well as increasing the rate of elimination of the wastes and toxins. The use of magnets is also beneficial before a workout or competition to help warm up the muscle or area and help to increase iron rich oxygen and nutrient rich blood supply to the equine athlete's cells. This helps to maximize preparation of the muscle for optimal performance. Additionally, Magnetic Therapy is soothing after a cool down to relax and warm the tired muscle or area as well as hasten the removal of muscle cramping lactic acid. The increased blood flow at this time will help to speed the restoration of the muscle and liver glycogen stores depleted during exercise. Select Blanket Size when ordering.