Horse Magnetic Pulsating Field Massager Therapy

Horse Magnetic Pulsating Field Massager Therapy

Horse Magnetic Pulse Massager
Pulsating Field Massager Pulsating Field Massager

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Magnetic Pulsating Field Equine Massager (upgraded)

This Magnetic Pulsating Field Massager ( upgraded design ), works on principle: of fast spinning Permanent Magnetic Field Neodymium Magnets ( inside of the magnetic massager ) As a result, a Pulsating Magnetic Field 20.000gauss delivered, and spread in 2 feet radius away from the Magnetic Massager. New, upgraded model with 2- AA or 2-D Batteries and Hand Contour Grip Handle. Our Magnetic Massager contains a neodymium magnet that operates at 5,000 to 6,000 RPM's. Magnetic Pulse Massager Built with a heavy duty aluminum case. Our magnetic massager offers easy access to massaging relief and the benefits of Increased Circulation, Natural Energies.

  • Popular Magnetic Massage Tool with Quick Respond, used by horse trainers, horse owners, a specially popular with racing horse owners.
  • Portable design and light weight, delivers ability to use it and help the horse any time and anywhere it needs to recovery from strenuous exercise, competition, racing, or injury.
  • This Pulsating Magnetic Field easily penetrate through the body (injured Muscles, Tendons, Bones, Ligaments, Tissue )
  • Quick Respond Benefits
  • Increased Blood Circulation to Local The Area
  • Increased Nourishment Supply to the Local Area
  • Promotes Relaxation in Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments
  • Promotes "CHI" Energy Flow Through Energy Meridians
  • Promotes Cellular Activity
  • Technical Specification
  • Magnets Spin ------------------------------------ Dc. Motor
  • Power Source ------------------------------------ lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Recharger Adaptor110v ---------------- Included
  • Magnetic Pulsating Field Strength --------------- 20.000gauss
  • Magnetic Pulsation Field Penetration ------------ Two feet radius
  • Speed ------------------------------------------- Two Speeds
  • On/Off ------------------------------------------- Switch Button
  • Length ------------------------------------------- 12"
  • Diameter ----------------------------------------- 2"
  • Weight ------------------------------------------- One Pound


* Not to use magnetic massagers on a open bleeding injury

* Always consult with a doctor veterinarian before using this magnetic massagers any devices