human brain anatomical model

Human Brain Model Dissected Anatomical Model Medical Teaching And Study

NPEAM0216 Human Brain NPEAM0216 Human Brain

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Premium quality brain anatomical model of the functional human brain. Provides an incredible amount of realism and detail. Model is color coded to allow students to study the regions within the cerebral cortex, which are allied to certain functions. Impulses from the sensory organs, the skeletal muscles, skin and joins all travel to areas specialized in interpreting information. Realistic textures make this brain replica an excellent tool for educational study, as well as for patient demonstrations. 50% natural size of an adult brain. Made of durable, sturdy and washable plastisol polymer, this replica will withstand long time use and handling. Model features artisan hand painted details and numbers, and includes a key card for identifying structures. Includes 4.8" x 4.8" x 1" mount for display.
When mounted, the model measures 8.25" tall, 6" long and 5.75" wide.