Magnetic Pulsating Field Massager

Human Magnetic Field Massager 32 Magnets MS-32

Pulsating Magnetic Field Massager MS-32 Pulsating Magnetic Field Massager MS-32

Buyamag INC


Magnetic massager designed with 16 massaging rollers with protrusions, and 32 Super neodymium biomagnets, 2 biomagnets in each roller. Provides a beneficial pulsating magnetic field during massage.

Magnetic field penetration is 3"~4" deep. Because of its unique, advanced designed and construction. All 4 groups of rollers individually suspended to be able follow the bodes shape. The massaging rollers maintain contact with the human or equines bodies virtually all the time during massage, regardless of shape of the body.

How to use magnetic massager MS - 32?

The magnetic massager 32 can be used before or after competition. Simply grip the handle and roll it over the various parts of the body in different directions. Concentrate on the most hard working muscle or muscle groups, tendons or ligaments.

Why use the magnetic massager MS-32?

Magnetic massager promote blood circulation, muscle tendons and ligaments relaxation, achieve the well being results.


  • Rollers ------------- 16 Massaging rollers with protrusions,
  • Magnets ----------- 32 Super Neodymium Biomagnets
  • Strenght ----------- 3850 gauss each ( 2 Biomagnets in each roller)
  • Magnetic Field Penetration --- 3"~4"
  • Easy to use
  • Light Weight