human molar tooth gift

Human Molar Tooth 3D Crystal Dental Office Decoration Dentist Graduation Gift

1446A1445 Dental Molar Crystal Graduation Gift 1446A1445 Dental Molar Crystal Graduation Gift

Buyamag INC


  •  Human dental molar tooth dentistry school graduation gift or office decoration. High-quality K9 crystal - The selected crystal carrier is crystal clear, has good light transmission, and has no defects such as bubbles and water marks. This clearly shows the engraved tooth anatomy structure names. The smooth and flat surface will not cause scratches to the desktop.
  • Advanced Technology - Using advanced 3D laser Etched technology to etch the tooth into the crystal carrier, so that the tooth looks vivid and lifelike, the structure is clearly visible, the layers are distinct, and the three-dimensional sense is strong. Long-lasting and won't fade or blur.

  •  Anatomically Correct molar tooth - Sculpted tooth contain complete and accurate anatomy, with structure names labeled. This is the nice gift for anyone interested in the anatomy of the human tooth.

  •  Dentist graduation gift - 3D laser etched tooth is a special and professional decoration for home, dental office, schools. Can be used as a teaching tool, paperweight, holiday gift for teachers, students, doctors, nurses, interns, and medical technicians.
  • Quality Assurance - Each gift is carefully crafted and quality checked.