Human Skin Super Model

Human Skin Super Model


Buyamag INC


This highly detailed, articulated and greatly enlarged (105 times) Human Skin Model is a cross - sectional view of Human Skin. Showing three layers and a close up view of a Hair Follicle, Sweat Gland, Fatty Tissue and more. All structures, layers and vessels are shown in full detail. Front, Side and Back view. Detail colored. Does not dissect. Mounted on a base. Includes a patient presentation and educational key card with 46 labeled structures. Used in medical schools and educational programs, doctors offices and legal presentations. Popular with Dermatologists this anatomical Skin Model is easily understood.


  • Front, Side, and Back Views
  • Important Parts and Vessels Colored
  • Key Card
  • 46 Labeled Structures
  • Base Included
Size: 11" x 4" x 13"