Human Skull Model

Human Skull Model

NPCAR-246985 Human Skull NPCAR-246985 Human Skull

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Strong enough to withstand the rigors of daily classroom handling. All the major bones are represented, as well as a full complement of 32 teeth. An important feature of this skull is that on the lower jaw, the left canine tooth, the right central incisor, and the 18th mandibular molar are removable for close study of the roots. The calvaria is cut and is removable (fastens with clips), so the interior detail of the cranium can be examined. The lower jaw is spring held to demonstrate the movement of the jaw. Includes Human Anatomy Manual.

This anatomical Skull is great quality, articulated, and detailed. Popular Skull in medical and Dental schools for educational programs and anatomy study, used in doctors offices and legal presentations.

Size: 6" x 8.5" x 6"