dental implants with sinuses model

Implants With Sinuses Model 2 Bridges

NPRI104 Implants with Sinuses Dental Model NPRI104 Implants with Sinuses Dental Model

Buyamag INC


Implants with sinuses model 2 bridges upper and lower jaws, has Anatomically Rooted teeth. It includes a full Mandibular Denture on 4 Implants with the posterior Implants at a 30 degree angle to simulate the "all on four". The mandible also shows the nerves. The Maxillary arch has a single Tooth Implant on the Central, with a standard Bridge on the Right and an Implant supported Bridge on the Left. The top of the model held by magnets. The Top comes off to expose the Sinus Cavities. (Please note that you cannot lift the model from the top as the magnets may release causing the model to drop and get damaged. Always carry the model by the base.) Comes on a stand.