infrared space electric heater

Infrared Electric Space Heater Portable Environment Friendly Auto Timer Shut-Off

TNNFIR-10 Electric Infrared Space Heater TNNFIR-10 Electric Infrared Space Heater

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Infrared electric space heater portable environment friendly design

A High - Tech Heater For The New Millennium

Electric Space Heater Infrared Energy & Far Infrared Rays With Halogen Tubes, An Ideal Heating Source For Your Home & Office. Design with Keeping Environmental Health & Wellness In Mind!

This Heater is an Ideal Instant Heating Source. Bio-Compatible, Healthy For Humans, Environmentally and Fire Safe.

Oscillating heat element.

Your Body Will Love This Instant, Gentle, Soft, Solar Far Infrared Halogen Heat !

Power Supply Cut-Off Automatic! - Balance Safety and Tip-Over Switch Design!


  • Infrared Heater Does NOT Burn Oxygen in the room !.
  • Heater emits 91.7% of the energy it's uses.
  • The halogen tubes will reduce the energy bill to half with Halogen FIR Radiant Energy. More economical and effective compared to conventional electric heaters.
  • There is minimum heat loss with the Infrared Heater because warm air doesn't rise. Heat is not conveyed by convection, it is transmitted like sunshine.
  • Even if vinyl is put very close to the heater it will not burn or melt.
  • All functions remote controled (optional)
  • The Far Infrared Heater generates heat instantly!. You don't have to wait for heating to start and there is no danger if you leave a room after turning off the heater. There is no heat accumulation after it's turned off.
  • The FIR Heater produces beneficial Bio-Energy Heat by halogen tubes.
  • The life and durability of the Infrared Tube-Elements is semipermanent because it uses Halogen Tubes.
  • Has low and high temperature selectable adjustment knob,
  • with selectable oscillating function. Heat is evenly spread around the area.

  • This Infrared Heater DOES NOT BURN Oxygen in the room!
  • Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Energy is proven to be the best form of Natural, Healthy Heat. Maintaining body Vitality without side effects.
  • Produces Immediate Soft Heat!
  • This efficient FIR Halogen Heater Emits over 91% of the energy it's uses, and it is all FIR Energy!
  • The Halogen Tubes use heat resistant Stainless steel with Electromagnetic Wave - Blocking Coating Material inside of the tubes.
  • The Far Infrared Rays are Produced from the Bio - Ceramic top coating of the tubes.
  • Far Infrared Heat has been scientifically tested showing that the FIR wavelength of between 8 - 25 microns emitted by the halogen tubes prove to be Optimum Energy Readily Absorbable By the Human Body!
  • Far Infrared Energy radiates heat and allows the body to absorb the heat deeply, activating a unique beneficial wave form and vibration.
  • FIR Heating Lamps has been successfully used by doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical
  • therapists, health professionals for it's health benefits.
FIR Energy Also Has These Unique Physical Properties
  • Kills Bacteria
  • Oscillating heat element
  • Eliminates Smell And Odor
  • Regenerates Cells
  • Does not Burn Oxygen!
  • Assists in Good Sleep
  • Long Life Heater Tubes
  • Eliminates Mildew
  • Eliminates Fungi
  • Promotes Circulation
  • Safety Tip-Over Switch!
  • Assists Skin's Breathing
  • The Halogen Space Heater protects against Electromagnetic Wave emissions into the room. (See Cross Section Tube Graphic)Electric Space Heater Infrared Electric Space Heater Ceramic Halogen I-Solar Home Room Heat Radiation Environmentally safe
  • Unlike regular electric heaters, Far Infrared Halogen Heats Do Not Burn Up Oxygen Because it uses Enclosed Halogen Tubes! The FIR Heater Radiates Natural Halogen and Far - Infrared Rays. The Heater helps to keep indoor air fresh without directly burning oxygen in the air!
  • Halogen Enclosed Tubes - Semi-permanent. Will Last A Very Long Time!
  • This heater is designed with safety as priority!
  • The guard grill surface of the I-Solar Heater heats up very little.
  • The heater will not easily catch fire if accidental contact with paper or other materials and therefore the chance of fire hazard is substantially reduced.
  • The specially designed safety device will immediately cut off the electric power supply if accidentally toppled or thrown off balance.
  • Remote Control controls : "ON" "OFF", Oscillating, "High" "LOW", Timer

  • In Any Room Of Your House
  • At Your Office
  • Massage Room
  • Treatment Room
  • In Any Work Area
  • In Your Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • In Your Garage

  • Height ...... 30"
  • Width ......... 19"
  • Guard Grill
  • Carrying Handle
  • 90° Oscillating Heater Head
  • Separate Hi/Lo Buttons
  • Oscillator Button
  • On/Off Button
  • Amp -- 10amp. on "High"
  • Amp --- 5amp. on "Low"
  • Large Timer Knob
  • "High" Halogen Tube ... 980 watt
  • "Low" Halogen Tube .... 460 watt
  • Halogen Tubes-Semi-permanent
  • Heating Selector Knob
  • Metal Heat Reflector
  • Cooling Cabinet
  • Safety Tip - Over Switch
  • Elegant, State-Of-The-Art Design
  • 110 volt.