infrared heating therapy

Infrared FIMM Magnetic Moxibustion Heat Portable Lamps

FDA 510K#: K020464
NPFI3646 Far-Infrared Heat Magnetronics Moxibustion Portable NPFI3646 Far-Infrared Heat Magnetronics Moxibustion Portable

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This Infrared fimm magnetic moxibustion heat portable lamp, is a new infrared  version design. Delivers three popular natural therapies all in one! magnetic therapy, infrared heat, moxibustion

In terms of physical therapy, it is to provide heat stimuli (shallow or deep) to energy points along body meridian lines (energy paths) and in turn to restore or facilitate the target meridian lines' energy level.

The heat level required is the physical force that has the value of "deep penetration". The mechanism of moxibustion therapy, whether through traditional moxa material burning or modern electro device, is to induce far-infrared ray which has right range of wave-length to travel through skin deep down to 5 ~ 15cm into body tissues.

FIMM Features

  • 4 Key Functions
  • Portable, with same functions as large Infrared lamps
  • Infrared Palm-Heat Therapy
  • Magnetic Energy Therapy: N-S-N-S Revolving mode
  • Far-Infrared Bio-Ceramic Therapy to selected body points: 9us "Chi"/"Qi" Range
  • Toning Puff design


  • Easy navel Moxibustion
  • Eye and Face Moxibustion
  • Application with clothes on
  • Delivers safer Fire and Skin Trauma Moxibustion
  • Efficient-Clean-Economical.
  • Why Infrared Heat Moxibustion Therapy With FI-3646 "FIMM" ?
  • Covers all body selected points, especially ones not reachable with traditional moxibustion
  • Can be applied with clothes on
  • Portable, Small, Light Weight, Powerful
  • Safety Heat Protective design
  • Includes functions of traditional Moxibustion plus: Eye, Face Skin areas
  • No special,safety preparation needed
  • Shorter intervals between sessions
  • Minimal Guidance
  • Minimal costs
  • FDA510k#:K020464

Medical/Health Application Properties:

  • Thermo-regulation heating effect -- saving energy and maintaining body nutrition
  • Physiotherapy for Joints Muscles and nerves
  • Temporary increases local blood circulation where applied.
  • Relieves Muscle and Joint Ache and pains.
  • Reinforcing energy -- activating metabolism, reinforcing the use of nutrition, and minimizing fatigue


  • Power: 100v, 60Hz, 5W ( 220v, 50Hz, available by special request order )
  • Multi Compound Biochemical Ceramics 5 - 50 us. range
  • FIMM Source Main Body size: Dia-60m/m / 20mm.
  • Safety Device: Automatic thermo-regulation
  • Content: Biochemical Ceramics Magnetic N/S Magnetism 1200G.x4 special heating object
  • Indicator: Power on/off - green light
  • Adjustable temperature knob, On/Off
  • Power line: Thermal regulator to prevent overheating
  • Body Map indications points - in English & Chinese language
  • Weight - 15oz.


  • 1 - FIMM Far Infrared Source Main Body- Orange color 2.3/4" dia.
  • 2 - Power cord with thermal adjustable selectors with on/off switch
  • 3 - Body Map with Treatments Points Function and Indications ( English & Chinese )
  • 4 - Hygienic cotton cloth covers protection - 2pc included
  • 5 - Holding Breathable elastic band - included
  • Instruction manual - included
  • 6 - Carrying Storage silver-color leather case

Always consult with doctor before use any alternative therapies. Magnets are not a medical FDA registered device. Magnets are not replacement for professional medical treatment.

Kip out reach of children. Not use magnets if wear a Pace Maker or other medical devices.