Infrared TDP Lamp

Infrared TDP Lamp

FIR Infrared TDP Moxa Table Lamp FIR Infrared TDP Moxa Table Lamp

Buyamag INC


FDA 510K. K020462


(Unlimited one year manufacturing warrantee)

This Unique Infrared FIR-Moxa Therapy Lamp, Emitting Exclusive Beam over body parts. Create Best Inner-Heating Bio-Ceramics FIR (Far-Infrared Ray): Durable, Safe, Invisible Light. Concentrated at 8~14?, peak at 9? Chi Wavelength. Hand-made bio-ceramic bulb, Economical 150-watt power consumption. Applicable for both Home and Clinic use.


  • Reflector Shining Head ------- 6" Dia.
  • High -------------------------- 29"
  • Power Source ----------------- 110 volt
  • Automatic Safety Switch -- Shot-Off if lamp on the side, loose balance
  • Bio-Ceramic Infrared Range Emitting of 5 to 50 Microns in Wavelength
  • Power Consumption ----------- 150w.
  • Adjustable multi-position head
  • Built-in Timer ----------------- Max 60min.
  • On/Off Switch
  • Intensity -------------- Switch Adjustable
  • Weight ------------------------- 11lb.