Kirlian Camera and Photography

Kirlian Camera and Photography

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Kirlian Photography is a process that uses high frequencies and electron streams to take a picture of invisible radiating energy fields that surrounds all living things.

The Kirlian camera is a unique tool for research, experimentation and fun to understand life energy flow. The Camera, is a "USER FRIENDLY", HIGH/TECH design. This highly effective camera produces Brilliant, High Resolution Kirlian Photographs on instant Polaroid Black & White or Color films.

This Kirlian Camera is reliable, very dependable and the best known on the market for producing such High Quality, instant Kirlian Photographs!

How Kirlian Photography can be useful

When you want dramatic before and after photos, to illustrate the effectiveness of treatments, or want useful information about the bodies energetic and physical state, Kirlian photographs can meet your needs in ways no other tool can. With practice and training the subtle cues of bio-energy photography become apparent.

Kirlian photography has been extensively studied in reputable labs and has shown not only consistent correlation with emotional and physical states, in any life energy sources, state of the energy meridians flow through them, but remarkable information not empirically shown with other methods

Observations That You Can Make With The Kirlian Camera

  • Graphically illustrate the difference in presents of Life energy level before and after acupuncture, massage, raiky, Qi Ging, exercise, polarity, or any other body work.
  • Monitor progression of bio-energy change over a period of time.
  • Observe energy balance between upper/lower, left/right parts of the body.
  • Visually monitor meridian activity.
  • Observe the energy flow (or lack of it) between people.
  • Monitor the flow of bio-energy in energy meridians (blocked or open meridians).
  • Make the connection between mind and body obvious to yourself and your clients.
  • Observe ones ability to consciously affect energy and record it on a film.
  • Observe presence of life energy in leaves, insects, flowers, seeds, anything containing life energy.

What Film Does The Camera Use ?

For Black & White Photos

  • Polaroid 667 (BEST)
  • Polaroid 665

For Color Photos

  • Polaroid Pro Vivid
  • Fuji FC-100


  • Full Instructions
  • Instant Image Results
  • Batteries Last 100's Of Photos
  • Uses Polaroid or Fuji Film
  • No Maintenance
  • Portable
  • Easy To Operate


  • ON/OFF Power Switch
  • Power Adjustment Control Knob
  • Hand Holding Probe
  • Push Button
  • Powered By Two 9 volt Batteries
  • Two Dark Hand Sleeves
  • Hard Exterior "Shell Body"
  • Dimensions 10"w - 8"d - 5"h