Knee Degeneration 4 Stage Osteoarthritis

Knee Degeneration 4 Stage Osteoarthritis

NPG110 KneeOsteo NPG110 KneeOsteo

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Knee Model 3/4 scale, set of 4 Knee Osteoarthritis Degeneration Models. This Knee Osteoarthritis Degeneration Model is used by medical schools to aid students in learning anatomy. Also used in legal presentations and by doctors for office demonstrations.


* Degenerative Joint Disease (osteoarthritis); * Erosion to Joint Articular Cartilage * Progression of Degenerative Joint Disease * Osteophytes (bone spurs) at the Articular Surfaces.
Card size: 8-1/4” x 6-1/4”

  • Mounted on a Base included 5" x 6" x 1"
  • Made of durable high quality materials.
  • Education card included with model.