Knee Functional Joint Articulated Ligaments

Knee Functional Joint Articulated Ligaments

NPDW0232-82 Functional Knee Joint NPDW0232-82 Functional Knee Joint

Buyamag INC


Functional Knee Model - Articulates with Life-like flexible Ligaments. Realistically duplicating the functionality of the human knee joint, this natural cast replica includes the distal half of the femur, patella, and proximal tibia and fibula articulated with ligaments of resilient plastic. This Knee Joint Model is used in medical schools, students educational programs to easy learn and understand human anatomy, function and pathology. Also for legal presentations, doctors offices, orthopedics and research pharmaceutical labs. Mounted upright on a display base.


  • Articulates with Life-like flexible ligaments.
  • Distal half of the femur
  • Patella,
  • Proximal tibia
  • Fibula articulated with ligaments
Size: 5x5x13 inches (12x12x34 cm) overall