Larynx bronchi tree lungs Model

Larynx With Bronchial Tree 3D Model

NPBG23 3D Larynx With Bronchial Tree Model NPBG23 3D Larynx With Bronchial Tree Model

Buyamag INC


This unique Larynx Model was created on the basis of computer tomography data of a human (male, approx. 40 years).

What is special about this procedure is that the natural spatial 3D-relations and the reciprocal location of the segmental bronchi can be preserved and demonstrated in a realistic way.

The Larynx with hyoid bone and epiglottis and the trachea with primary and lobar bronchi are depicted in one color. The larynx is detachable at the level of the second tracheal cartilage and divisible in the median plane. The epiglottis is mounted flexibly.

The various segmental bronchi are made of elastic material and depicted in various transparent colors so that they are easier to distinguish visually.

Size: 9" x 8" x 15"