Lumbar Vertebral Column Deluxe & Pelvis Muscles Nerves

Lumbar Vertebral Column Deluxe & Pelvis Muscles Nerves


Buyamag INC


This unique model is exclusively detailed and illustrated. L-4/L-5 shows a Herniated Disc with Arthritic Bones and demonstrates Facet Syndrome. Sacrum features an open Lamina, which is removable and can show the Spinal Nerve. Bones are assembled with a chromoplated flexible tube, muscles are attached with strong flexible bunge cord. Nerves, Muscles and Ligaments are made of durable soft polyurethane rubber. Bones are made of an impact & fatigue-proof polyurethane plastic to lest for years.

This Anatomical Model is used by medical schools in student's educational programs for easy to learn and understand Human Anatomy, Pathology and disease prevention. In doctor's and chiropractors offices for patient's education. Also used for legal presentations. Weight: 5 lbs.


  • 1st lumbar to coccyx
  • illiums
  • femur heads
  • spinal and sciatic nerves
  • pubic symphysis
  • Quadratus lumborum
  • piriformis
  • psoas major
  • iliacus
  • lumbar section of multifidus
  • erector spinae
  • gluteus minimus and medius
  • superior and inferior gemallus
  • obturator internus
  • Iliolumbar
  • sacrospinous
  • sacrotuberous
  • Chrome Metal Suspension Stand included.
Size: 17.5" x 10.5" x 9"

3 years warranty