magnetic ankle heel support

Magnetic Ankle Heel Support

Magnetic Ankle/Heel Wrap
Achilles tendon Hill ankle support Magneticdea/hsup Achilles tendon Hill ankle support Magneticdea/hsup

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Magnetic ankle heel support achilles tendon, with 10 permanently inserted, and, bio-north magnets (1550 gauss each, 1/2" diameter.) Is best for uniformed bio-magnetic field penetration and results.

Specially designed, 3 layers of neoprene material. Special fitting design with Velcro closures, for comfortable adjustment to most ankles.

One size fits all. Specially designed for best fitness, comfort and aeration for your ankle and heel.

Always consult with doctor before use any alternative therapies. Magnets are not a medical FDA registered device. Magnets are not replacement for professional medical treatment.

Kip out reach of children. Not use magnets if wear a Pace Maker or other medical devices.