Horse Magnetic Hoof Bell Boots Buyamag INC

Horse Magnetic Hoof Bell Boots Buyamag INC

Horse Hoof Magnetic Bell Boot Deluxe One Horse Hoof Magnetic Bell Boot Deluxe One

Buyamag INC

Magnetic Hoof :

These Strength durable Magnetic Hoof Bell Boots includes Equine Blue Magnetic Bell boots features powerful Unipolar Neodymium Magnets with a gauss rating of 12,300 gauss. North pole Magnets are approx 3/4" diameter. Sold in Pairs, 5 magnets per boot. The Magnetic Therapy bell boots are constructed with the North-Negative Pole of the Unipolar Neodymium Magnets facing the Horse Body. The North-Negative (also referred to as South-Seeking) pole increase blood circulation. Magnetic Therapy has been proven effective in to increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation and easing soreness. The Magnetic Therapy bell boots have a 1000 denier polyester outer covering, foam padding and soft poly-fleece lining. Adjustable Velcro closures - one size fits all. This Biomagnetics creates a 3850 gauss magnetic Field, Uniformed, North Polarity Magnetic Field for deep penetration and fast results. Best used when resting in stable. Magno-therapy enhances the horse’s natural ability to increase circulation to areas and speeds up the bodies ability to heal itself. Magnetic Bell Boot not to be used when the horse is training or racing. Useful in helping the hoof, sole, wall cracks, nail pricks, overreach, seedy toe, navicular, pedal bones, energy meridian, acupressure points. Designed for quick and secure fit to any size horse/pony.

The Velcro closure makes adjustments easy and convenient for all sizes. One size fits all. Washable in cool, soap water. Used by many horse owners, trainers and Veterinarians. Blue color.

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Made in USA.

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