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Magnetic Panties Menstrual Period Woman Underwear With Magnets Build-In

Magnetic Panties 2 Pair
Menstrual Panties Menstrual Panties

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Do You Suffer From Menstrual Pain & Discomfort?

Woman magnetic period panties underwear - magnetic menstruation panties is a unique product manufactured with a new technology. This technology combine two special 2 BioMagnets 1650 gauss each and a Copper Elastic Strip incorporated in the Elastic Band Strip that hugs the Hips. Two Magnets Strategically incorporated ( Ovaries Area ) in the Front Top ( pubic area ) of the Magnetic Panties, inside of the Elastic Strip.

The combination of these two elements provides a singular advantage that intensifies the efficiency of the Magnetic Field, Strengthness and delivers the beneficial effect of the Magnetic Panties. Cotton lined. Knit spandex, stretchable and T/C fabric Cotton lining, will help slim down fiqure. Gives the stomach area a sense of comfort and firmness.

Sizes available

Small 31"-35"
Medium 34"- 37"
Large 36"-39"
XL 37"-42"
XXL 39"-43"

Why Use Woman Underwear Magnetic Panties ?

Help The Body Alleviate The Discomfort, Stress Experienced During Menstrual Cycle

How to Use Magnetic Panties ?

Just Use them like regular Panties. The Front Top Elastic Strip ( With 2 Magnets ) of the Magnetic Panties should be bellow the Belly Button ( Ovaries Area ) See picture on left and click "Panties Wear"

How to Wash Magnetic Panties ?

Hand Wash Only, in warm water, let drip dry. Do Not Machine Wash! Machine washing may reduce effectiveness of the Magnetic Panties

Who Should NOT Use Magnetic Panties ?

Women During pregnancy.
Women using: pacemakers, insulin pumps, transdermal drug delivery
patches or any other instrument equipped with mechanical & magnetic control.
 Magnetic panties should never be placed over an open wound. This is a non-medical method for the discomfort during menstrual periods. This product should never be used as a substitute for professional medical treatment. Consult a physician for proper medical advise. Magnetic Panties 2 Pairs IN ONE BOX

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