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Spot Wraps :

This Uncompromised Quality, durable Magnetic Spot Wrap design with 2 pads with 9 Magnets in each pad, a total of 18 Supper Power (4000 gauss) strong, 3/4" diameter each Ceramic Biomagnets. This Supper Power Ceramic Biomagnets will deliver a Uniformed North Polarity Biomagnetic field for deep penetration and fast results. The Magnets can be positioned ( by a trainer, veterinarian, owner) in strategic locations according with horses body structure. Design for promote blood circulation, celular activity to enhance joints, tendons, ligaments, increase competition performance & recovery.


Magnetic Spot Wrap made from special durable, flexible Neoprene material for best comfort and results. The Velcro closure makes secure, wear adjustments easy and convenient for all sizes. One size fits all! Washable in cool, soap water. Our Magnetic Spot Wraps known and used by many horse Owners, Trainers and Veterinarians all over the world.

Size: 3.5" x 5.5"

(W x H)

Color is dependent on items in stock. Red - Blue - Black Made in USA.

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(Unlimited one year manufacturing warrantee)