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Magnetic Therapy Spine Lumbar Back Support Back Belt Spot Flexible Body Joint Magnet Applicator Plaster Patch

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Magnetic therapy power belt include 20 large ceramic magnets, 1450 gauss each, six inches wide flexible, light weight, breathable hand washable with Velcro closure. Belt includes 720 infrared dots on the magnetic surface facing the skin for promote circulation effectiveness and comfort.

Belt designed with a Pocket in lumbar area. Pocket can be used for insertion of additional flexible magnet 4" x 6", or cooling pack for overweight 190lb ~ more person

The Flexible Bio-Magnet 4" x 6" flexible applicators plaster used for lumbar spine back, or joints applicator designed with the beneficial Parallel magnetic pattern.

Applicator Plaster Patch 800gauss field, deep penetration with special backing for return body warm reflection, and to promote circulation, oxygenation in the area. 

Can be used in magnetic belts pouch located in lumbar area as additional for overweight person 190 pounds ~ more 

If needed stretchable hookup closure band strap, helps hold in place flexible body spot magnets on foot or arm. 

Always consult with doctor before use any alternative therapies. Magnets are not a medical FDA registered device. Magnets are not replacement for professional medical treatment.

Do Not use magnets if wear a Pace Maker or other medical or electronic devices.