Muscular Model Dual-Sex Figure 45-Part

Muscular Model Dual-Sex Figure 45-Part

NPBB50 Muscle Model 45 parts NPBB50 Muscle Model 45 parts

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The is the Finest, Highly Detailed, Muscular Anatomy Model and Teaching and educational tool that has ever been made. Standing over 4-1/2 feet tall. This 3/4 life-size Human Muscle Anatomy Model replica depicts deep and superficial musculature in addition to the body's major nerves, vessels, tissues and organs in exquisite detail. Imagine having access to virtually any anatomical structure in the human body and the ability to easily and conveniently explain the appearance, size, shape and position during lectures, labs, research or patient counseling. The figure can be dismantled into 45 pieces to reveal the fundamental interrelationships of human morphology. Remove the calvarium to view the 3-part removable brain. Look beneath the liver to reveal the gallbladder and bile duct. Peer inside the appendix, stomach, lungs, heart or kidney. Remove and view the details of 13 different muscles of the arms and legs. This dual sex version has interchangeable genital inserts and a female mammary gland. Design and supplied with detailed Multilingual Key Card, identifying the hand-numbered structures. Meticulously and highly detailed, Hand-painted in realistic colors and mounted on a convenient roller base, there is simply no finer reproduction available! Excellent Human Muscular Model Used in Medical Schools and Universities, in educational programs by professors and students. This is an irreplaceable tool for easy understanding of Anatomical Structure, Pathology and Functions of a Human Body. It is also an excellent presentation model for doctors offices and legal presentations.

Muscle Model Features

  • 5 arm/shoulder muscles
  • 8 leg/hip muscles
  • 5-part head with brain
  • 2-part lungs
  • 2-part heart
  • 2-part stomach
  • 2-part intestine system
  • 2-part female and 4-part male genital inserts
  • Detachable breast and belly covering, head, arms and leg for detailed study
  • Multilingual Key Card - L/G/E/F
  • Over 600 hand-numbered and identified structures
  • Mounted on a convenient Roller Base

Size: 55" x 20" x 13", 13kg. ( 28Lb)