Muscular Model Dual-Sex Figure 56 Removable Parts

Muscular Model Dual-Sex Figure 56 Removable Parts

N-SB41971UG Muscular Model N-SB41971UG Muscular Model

Buyamag INC


Life-Size Muscular Model. Depicts both superficial and deep musculature in addition to the body’s major nerves, vessels, tissues, and organs. Hand-painted in realistic colors with 620 numbered structures (identification key included). The model comes mounted on a convenient rolling base with a protective bag. Weight 62 lbs. The 5-ft. tall model can be dismantled into 56 removable pieces, including:

Muscle Model Features

  • Detachable head with upper skull split by frontal cut (2 parts) - nose and mouth cavity and pharynx - skull base exposed
  • Eyeball with optic nerve and musculature (1 part)
  • Brain with arteries (9 parts)
  • Human trunk with left shoulder and gluteus (sagittal cut) - open back with vertebral column
  • Removable 6-part right arm with musculature and hand and shoulder structure - visible tendons, vessels, nerves, and osseous parts
  • Detachable left deltoid muscle (1 part)
  • Breast and belly with removable mammary gland (2 parts)
  • 2 lungs (sagittal cut) and removable right lung’s mass (3 parts)
  • Heart with covering and valves (3 parts)
  • Detachable stomach (2 parts)
  • Dissectible liver with gallbladder
  • Removable small intestine
  • Large intestine with vermicular appendix (2 parts)
  • Kidney half (lid)
  • Detachable iliac vein, horizontal cut
  • 4-part male genital organ with penis
  • 3-part female genital organ with 3-month embryo
  • Removable right leg with musculature and hip’s osseous structure - visible tendons, vessels, nerves, etc. (9 parts)
  • Horizontal section of thigh with fore thigh and left foot (removable)
  • Removable left gluteus maximus