Nasogastric Intubation Simulator

Nasogastric Intubation Simulator Gastric Oral Tube Transparent Insertion Management Training


Buyamag INC


Most advanced transparent nasogastric Intubation Simulator Gastric Oral Tube Insertion Management Training


1. Feeding tube insertion and confirmation of the tube placement(NG/OG)
2. Transparent structure which allows direct observation of progress / and tube placement Cross-section panel and chest anatomy map for theoretical

Training Skills - Applications:

Nasogastric/oral gastric insertion,management and tube placement congirmation / PEG tube management / Physiological understanding / Gastric aspiration


1 male torso / 1support base / 1drain tube / 1 funnel / 1 plastic cup / 1 tube feeding routes panel / 1 chest sheet / 1 instruction manual / 1 lubricant

Recommended Catheter: Nasal feeding catheter:14 Fr. (120㎝)

Size: W65x D37 x H23cm / W25.6×D13.7×H9in

Packing Size: W74x D46 x H47cm / W29.1 x D18.1 x H18.5in

Weight: 4.4kg / 9.7Ibs

Packing Weight: 32kg / 70.5Ib