male vasectomy birth control simulator model

No Scalpel Male Vasectomy Birth Control Training Simulator Male Birth Control Vasectomy Manikin

No Scalpel Male Vasectomy
Male Birth control Vasectomy NPGS518 Male Birth control Vasectomy NPGS518

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2 Skin Replacements
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Male Vasectomy Birth Control Procedure Simulator. A compact No Scalpel needed Vasectomy Simulator, developed to assist in practicing, training, learning a new method of vas occlusion. To provide realism, the leg stumps are designed to "get in the way" of the student as the procedure is mastered. Model Include: Male Genital Pelvis Model, 2 Skin Replacements, Two Testicles. Instruction Manual. Skin Replacement 2 pc. - Optional.

Include, FEATURES:

  • Two removable Scrotal Skins
  • Two Testicles
  • Two long as assemblies can be advanced as needed for NSV exercises
  • Instruction manual
  • Skin Replacement 2 pc. ------ Optional