teeth disease resoption pulp model

Normal Pathological Dentition Model Abscess Fractured Root Cyst Disease

Normal & Pathological Dentition
NPKGRP12P100M Normal & Pathological Dentition Model NPKGRP12P100M Normal & Pathological Dentition Model

Buyamag INC


Normal and pathological dental model. Upper and lower jaw model made in completely transparent acrylic with teeth pathologies (teeth are not removable.)

Upper arch (left) - fractured root, radicular cyst, fractured tooth, external resorption of a root and wedge shaped defect. Apical alveolar abscess, pulp polyp, radicular pulpitis, enamel pearl & supereruption.

Lower arch (left)- Internal resorption, attrition, lateral abscess, irregular root curvature, alveolar abscess, taurodontia, enamel projection and horizontal impaction 3d. Molar with caries.

Articulator is made a sturdy plastic material and is removable.