Not Painted X-Ray Opacity Skeleton

Not Painted X-Ray Opacity Skeleton

Buyamag INC


Skeletons with X-Ray Opacity Design. An X-Ray's can be performed with this Academy Skeletons. This Life-Size Medical Professional Grade - the Very Best of Academy Skeletons Ever Designed. The right side of the Skeleton is Hand-Painted to show Muscle Origins in Red and insertions in Blue. Muscle Names are Hand-Lettered at each Muscle Origin and insertion location. Cast from the bones of a nearly-perfect adult Male Specimen, utilizing a special process which replicates even the fine details of the original. Classic Craftsmanship. Each Skeleton's Bone is individually cast by hand, then assembled and articulated by hand - No Short Cuts or Hurry-Up Techniques. Enduring Performance. Built to last. Only the Finest, Most Durable, and yes, Most Expensive Resins, Duplicating the Heft, Color and Texture of Real Bone, are utilized. Corrosion-Resistance is maximized by the exclusive use of Stainless-Steel wire and custom Stainless Hardware components for articulation. Built-in extras - most not even available on competitive skeletons - are standard with our Deluxe Skeleton Reproductions.

Skeleton Features:

  • X-Ray Opacity Design: just like real bone due to a special additive introduced during the casting process
  • X-Ray Images Can Be Performed on any part of this Skeletons
  • A window cut into the Frontal Sinus
  • A Breakaway Maxilla giving access to the Paranasal Sinuses
  • One hand and one foot (on opposite sides) articulated with springs, permitting Joints Natural flexibility
  • Detachable Calvaria
  • Skeleton Disarticulates in to Major Components in 12 Parts
  • Spring-Mounted detachable Mandible
  • Professional Medical Grade
  • Anatomy Manual & Swivel-Caster Chrome Stand are included
  • Shipped in Two Boxes: 15x15x38"-25lb, 24x3x31'-18Lb

Height: 5' 4" Tall, Weight: 41Lb.

Skeleton includes: Chrome full-frame Deluxe Rolling Stand