Optional Bench Mount

Optional Bench Mount

NP-1446 UNIVERSAL Bench and Chair Hadrest Mount Glide Bar NP-1446 UNIVERSAL Bench and Chair Hadrest Mount Glide Bar

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This is A Special Portable (or In Office) Pedodontic Dental X-Ray Simulator/Manikin Upgraded System for Intraoral Radiography Training. Portable Trunk With Manikin Easily Straps to: Any Dental Chair for X-Ray Training. Or Manikin can be Attached to a Desk-Top ( Desk Clamp-Included ). It is a Self-Contained Portable System Set.

Portable Carrying Trunk-Chair Mount: Simulator Devices & Parts, accurately fit in to a specially designed Multi-Purpose Trunk witch also used us a X-Ray Simulator Mount to the Dental Chair. The Trunk protect the Simulator from hard impact damages when traveling.

Manikin Include: X-Ray Radiolucent Typodont, Head, Rubber Mask, Double Ball Joint Unit, Desk Clamp Unit, Portable Carrying Trunk. Pedodontic Dental X-Ray Manikin, Developed and Used for Dental X-Ray Training in medical schools for educational programs, demonstrations, student X-Ray Practice and study. Students can acquire basic X-Ray techniques such as film angle and projection angle for each area to be photographed.

Typodont - The Jaw closes with a spring and holds the Film in Desired Position. Teeth are made of Radiolucent Material, with special Opaque Qualities for in- Office Training. Anatomically Correct, Teeth Permanently Fixed- in with full Pulp and Canal. Flexible tongue included. Portable Dental X-Ray Functional Manikin used to Simulate a patient for use Dental X-Ray Training in a School Setting.

Chair or Bench Mounts - ( Optional ). This X-Ray Simulator/Manikin also can be used with our Heavy-Duty Bench or Chair Mounts (optional order). This Mounts are made in a high Quality, Stainless- Steel, material with non-stainles portions, clear coat. Full Floating Streamline ball Joint rotates a Full 360 degrees allowing virtually any head Position desired. To lock simply rotate lever 1/4 turn. In New Upgraded X-Ray Simulator Flexible Finger/Arm is not Necessary to operate - Not included

Dental X-Ray Training Model to simulate a Dental Child Patient, for practicing students in Dental Schools, Colleges Setting. Most popular Manikin for teaching dental students, Promotes Procedural skills, experience in practicing performing Dental X-Ray Images.