obstetric cervical vagina dilation module

Optional Cervix Vaginal Dilation Module Set of 5 Obstetric Simulators Manikin

Cervix Vagina Module 5 set NPGRS500.4 Cervix Vagina Module 5 set NPGRS500.4

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Five labor stations, selected to represent conditions of the Cervix and Vagina dilation prior to labor, during labor, and at Birth in a Primigravid woman stations may be placed in birth canal of advanced childbirth simulator. 

Stations illustrated are: STA -5 prior to onset of labor; STA -4 cervix Partially Effaced; STA -3 cervix Fully Effaced; STA 0 fetal head at plane of ischial spine: STA +2 Cervix Nearing Full; dilation; STA +5 crowning of Fetal Head Labor Delivery Module is designed to be used as a series of models that can be: a) Passed around a classroom to compare the condition of cervix simulators as labor progress.