dental anesthesia simulator manikin

Dental Anesthesia Injection Manikin Sedation Simulator Practice And Training In Dentistry Schools

NP1446 Dental Oral Anesthesia Manikin Injection Simulator With Video Audio Sensors Signals Mount Not Included NP1446 Dental Oral Anesthesia Manikin Injection Simulator With Video Audio Sensors Signals Mount Not Included

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Dental anesthesia manikin most realistic sophisticated smart dental dry anesthesia oral injection practicing, training simulator manikin phantom. Provide electronic feedback with Electronic Audio Visual sensors and indicators.

This manikin help dental education training programs, students practicing oral anesthesia injections procedure in realistic, ethically safe environment, gain experience and techniques in correct dental anesthesia.

When correct dry anesthesia injection is made to anatomical landmark point the simulator produce: Visual green light audio signals. The Green Visual Indicator will light-up, and Audio Indicator will Make Sound. This Signals Indicates that Dental Injection is made correct.

If Injection is not made correctly the sensors will not turn on visual and audio indicators. Automatic audio signal, and visual - green light signal turn On only when correct position and angle injection is achieved.

Audio signal can be turned off for testing and evaluation purposes. Correct anatomical injection landmark points located on mandible: - right side nerve sensor block, left side nerve sensor block. Maxilla: Right Cow Gate.

The Soft Face: oral cavity, chicks, gingiva is semi-permanent NO REPLACEMENT NEEDED.

Made of Special Selected Silicone Material: Life-Like soft, color, with self-healing function. This silicone face phantom allowing countless repeated DRY Injection usage in a class-room, or clinical setting. Simulator should be treated like real Life-Like patient - with care. The silicone face phantom can be easily retracted for palpation for coronoid notch to locate anatomical landmarks for practicing mandible nerve blocks, right or left, as well as GG block or Cow Gates. Infiltration Injection also can be made.

This simulator - manikin will allow dental and hygiene students the ability in train anesthesia application through repetition, without risk to dental patients acquire confidence needed to succeed in dental anesthesia procedure.

We are sure, that allowing hands-on simulation approach with this simulator for oral anesthesia practicing, will undoubtedly mitigate some of the fear, and stress that a company the learning process of oral Injection.

Electronics components, wires located in the simulators head, no external components needed. The visual green LCD light Indicator located on simulators forehead. Indicator unit battery-powered, and uses 3 AAA-size batteries (included) that will last a very long time, and can be easily replaced if needed. Simulator include with 28 permanent teeth. All in one build in, compact simulator.

Simulator can be used without mount.

Injection syringe needle, and mount are - not included. Optional.

Dry injections only can be made. DO NOT use water, anesthetic solution, or any other liquid when practicing injection on this model.

Universal Chair/Bench Mount - Optional: - Made in a High Quality, Stainless Steel Material. Full Floating Streamline Ball Joint rotates a Full 360 degrees allowing virtually any head Position desired. To lock simply rotate lever 1/4 turn. Attaches to any Dental Chair or Table Bench Top. Heavy-duty dual ball joints allows exact patient simulation positioning. Simulator can be used on Mount or Without Mont. Design and Tested with Collaboration USA Dentistry Hygiene Colleges for use in Dental Hygiene Schools.

Or attaches to floor Stand - adjustable mount bellow- optional