Oral Cavity Cover drainage system

Oral Cover & Water Drainage System Or Combo With Bench Mount

Oral Cover Water System
Rubber Oral Cover Water System Rubber Oral Cover Water System

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Combo Oral Cavity Cover Water Drainage System Typodont Model Teeth DP Articulator Bench-Chair Mount
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Oral Cavity Cover - Flexible Pink Rubber Cover. Compatible with all Dental Typodonts & Simulators. Used by Students to Simulate & Mimic Human Mouth, Lips, Chicks, Oral Cavity for Real Life - Like Dental Practice. Will collect the water and drain through the Drainage Flexible Tubing System. Made with realistic resistance of the lips and cheeks. Used for dental Schools students practice situations in dental schools or office settings.

Include: Oral Cavity Cover, Water Drainage System. Not Included: Typodont , Teeth

Combo Training included: Oral Cavity Cover, Typodont, Teeth, DP Articulator, Chair/Bench Mount

Used in Dental Schools educational programs and practicing Dental Work & students experience training . American-Made, every step in the production of the Dental Manikins