Orthodontic Model Practice Training

Orthodontic Model Practice Training Teaching Appliances Brackets Wire Ligature Tying Techniques Auxiliary

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Orthodontic Models :

Orthodontic models with brackets, wire appliances, 28 teeth, hard gingivae, upper and lover hinges, DP articulator for rod mount, and practice training, gaining orthodontic techniques experience on dental chair or bench.

Orthodontic techniques ligature tying practice training simulator manikin complete, ready for practice. Used by students to simulate a Orthodontic Patient for orthodontic techniques training in schools, home or clinic setting. It is possible to perform various orthodontic professional techniques types: Ligature Tying, installation of orthodontic brackets, wires, and more others ..., training effectively.

It can be easily installed to a dental chair in dental colleges, clinics so you can use it anytime you want. Simulator Training Manikin Include heavy duty mount of you choice. Made in a High Quality, Stainless Steel Mount of your choice, select when ordering. Or on floor mount without dental chair.

Model Easily Attach to Chair or Bench Mount with Universal Mount:

Universal Chair Bench Mounts: - Made in a High Quality, Stainless Steel Material. Full Floating Streamline Ball Joint rotates a Full 360 degrees allowing virtually any head Position desired. To lock simply rotate lever 1/4 turn. Universal "C" Clam easily attaches to any dental chair or bench top. Heavy-duty ball joints allows exact patient simulation positioning.


Ligature Tying, Brackets installation or any other orthodontic techniques
  • Teaching demonstration or orthodontic procedures practice, requirements of any institution
  • Each Tooth Equipped with required appropriate Orthodontic Parts: Brackets, Wire
  • Teeth Removable 28 on Screws - included, (easy to replace available )
  • Orthodontic Typodont Model: - Articulated, 28 teeth, hard Gingiva, - Included

Model can be used with:

 Head manikin - NOT INCLUDED, order separate

Universal chair/bench mount - NOT INCLUDED, order separate

Used in Dental Schools educational programs and practical work & students experience training . American-Made, every step in the production.