loss of bone hip osteoporosis display model

Osteoporosis Hip Bone Loss Degenerative Bone Tissue Disease Display Model

NPH79143 Hip Bone Loss Osteoporosis Display NPH79143 Hip Bone Loss Osteoporosis Display

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Osteoporosis is a complex disease, but it is easy to illustrate its results with these three handpainted models. The first model represents a normal hip bone and the second depicts a hip bone that is slowly dying from osteoporosis. As the disease progresses, the risk of broken bones increases. The third model shows a hip bone after a fracture. Perfect for explaining the importance of bone health.

An excellent teaching tool, this 3-D display demonstrates the effects of osteoporosis. Three handpainted bone nodels—one normal, one dying from slow degeneration, and one broken—help viewers understand how osteoporosis cause bones to become weak and then break. Comes with protective fleece cover. 9" x 12".