Pack 100 Disposable Airways

Pack 100 Disposable Airways

Link G-S308.2 Package of 100 pieces Disposable Airways Link G-S308.2 Package of 100 pieces Disposable Airways

Buyamag INC


Quality CPR Simulator designed to operate for years. Strong, sturdy construction with full-size, realistic landmarks and one piece disposable airways. Prewired for CPRLink™ for a first class BLS program. This Multiple Function Adult CPR & Life Support Training Simulator Manikin design for education, training, and teaching individuals or large groups the Basic Life Support Techniques & CPR. The One-Piece Disposable Airways, No Face Masks, no Valves to Clean. Protection Bags make this Manikin Completely Sanitary. Quality Simulator, designed to operate for years. Strong, Sturdy Construction, Full-Size, Realistic Landmarks.

Standard Features:

  • Totally disposable Airways for Hygiene
  • Full Size Simulator/Manikin
  • Fully articulating Head, Neck, and Jaw permitting Head/tilt, Chin lift, Jaw thrust, and Neck extension into the “sniffing” position
  • Airway blocked when Head is forward
  • Easily accessible Chest Cavity with Ribcage, Lungs, and Heart for realism and practice of the Heimlich Maneuver
  • Realistic chest rise
  • Carotid and Femoral Arterial Pulse points
  • Eyes open and close; one Pupil is Dilated
  • Instrumented for Code Blue/CPR Link™ which monitor the Cadence and depth of Cardiac Compression and Airway Ventilation
  • Jointed Elbows, Wrists, Knees, and Ankles
  • 10 Disposable Airways
  • Detachable at Waist for easy storage
  • Instruction manual
6 Optional Features Compatible With This CPR Manikin Simulator:
  • "Code Blue" Life Monitoring System
  • CPR-Link Multypurpose Monitoring System
  • Blood Pressure Arm & programmable BP Auscultation
  • Advanced Intravenous Arm & Subtle Venous Network
  • Pack 100 Disposable Airways
  • Carrying bag

This CPR & Life Support Training Simulator is used in Medical Schools, Nursing Schools, Hospitals, Fire Fighters & EMT training courses, legal presentations.