Patient Training Simulator Smart Stat  110volt

Patient Training Simulator Smart Stat 110volt

NPLFSB46532U Smart Stat Patient Training Simulator NPLFSB46532U Smart Stat Patient Training Simulator

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Your advantage with SMART STAT…it’s more advanced and simpler to use than other high-fidelity simulators in its price range. This simulator is a portable, flexible, and rugged PC-based system, providing you the best of all training simulators. The SMART STAT patient simulator offers the opportunity for a wide range of simulation training exercises. The wireless patient simulator offers simplicity of operation in a highly advanced trainer for conducting training in many medical disciplines, including very basic EMS and nursing skills and progressing to advanced training in trauma, cardiac, and medical disease conditions. The wireless, tetherless trainer operates via Pocket PC Bluetooth™ technology and utilizes simplified product control screens for ease of operation. No programming experience or high-cost training is necessary. Users are able to operate the unit within five minutes of exploring the Pocket PC screens. The Pocket PC allows recording of student’s attempts at assessment and treatment of the manikin’s physiological presentation. The device has the capability to pull up any one of many scenarios for the purpose of teaching and challenging students’ abilities, and testing their knowledge, proficiency, and critical thinking skills. Records can easily be Active Sync’d™ to a PC for storing, printing, and using student records. The patient simulator is battery operated with the option of being able to connect the manikin by wire to a local power source (110V) when doing clinical lab time where movement of the product is not necessary. The simulator is durable and can be used indoors and outdoors in many environments. Manikin is 6 ft. tall with 46" chest, 32" inseam, 40" waist, 26" head circumference, and 18-1/2" neck. One-year warranty. Extended two-year warranty available at time of purchase.

NOTE: Defibrillation with hands-free pad technology requires the use of a training cable furnished free; the item number depends upon defibrillation unit manufacturer and must be identified for inclusion in the shipment. Chest post adapters, also furnished with the patient simulator, are used in conjunction with the training cable.

Training Applications & Simulations :

Disaster response

  • Emergency medical response team
  • Hospital and clinic training programs
  • Military battle field
  • Nurse safety
  • Nursing school
  • Paramedic
  • Physician
  • University teaching hospital

Important Features & Simulations :

Important Features:

  • Advanced airway features (tongue edema, laryngospasm, upper break-away teeth, and cricothyrotomy)
  • Bilateral BP and IV arms
  • Bilateral chest tube placement sites with fluid discharge upon insertion
  • Bilateral fingernail color changes (cyanotic or flushed)
  • Bilateral IV, phlebotomy, and infusion through major vein systems
  • Bilateral reduction sites for tension pneumothorax
  • Blood pressure settings of systolic and diastolic values
  • Break-out teeth
  • Cardiac monitoring with defibrillation at full protocol joule discharge
  • Central nervous system head with cholinesterase inhibitor toxicity signs: light reactive eyes, tears, nasal mucus, foaming mouth, ETCO2 discharge, and pre-recorded voice sounds that include vomiting sounds
  • CPR with carotid pulses activated during adequate compressions and ECG artifact
  • Cricothyrotomy
  • Distal pulses (8)
  • ECG monitoring (5-lead)
  • External jugular catheterization
  • Fluids stored onboard, including IV blood and urine output
  • 4-quadrant abdominal sounds
  • Heart sound locations (4 sites)
  • IM/SubQ injection sites bilaterally in deltoid and on right thigh
  • Internal reservoirs for body fluid storage
  • IO access in the manubrium and lower right leg
  • Lips become cyanotic or flushed in degrees of perfusion crisis
  • Lower left leg battery (up to 5 hours of operation per 5-hour charge)
  • Lung sound sites (6 anterior, 4 posterior)
  • Manikin Data Editor (program included)
  • On-board air compressor with no external connections
  • Oral and nasal intubation
  • Palpable bone structure and intercostal spaces
  • Pericardiocentesis
  • Pulse points can be shut down to emulate vascular difficulties or disease states
  • Pulse points, in pairs (carotid, femoral, popliteal, pedal, brachial, and radial) (12)
  • Radial and pedal pulses drop off with blood pressure set below 70 mmHg systolic
  • Range of motion near normal
  • Removable lower right leg for amputation exercises
  • Rugged construction
  • Simple replacement part features
  • Spontaneous respirations with chest movement
  • Stomach distention
  • Tongue edema and laryngospasm
  • Urinary catheterization (male and female)
  • Voice sounds

Pocket PC Features:

  • Bluetooth™ capable
  • Controls student sessions and progress
  • Ease of use
  • Manikin connection capable with USB cable
  • Operates up to 6 manikins

Smart Stat Include :

  • Included with the SMART STAT:
  • Amputated leg with bleeding and response to correct tourniquet application
  • Blood pressure cuff altered for use with SMART STAT
  • Charging systems for manikin battery and Pocket PC battery
  • Defibrillation chest post adapters (set of 5)
  • ECG arrhythmia simulator (17 rhythms with variations)
  • 5-line hospital monitor (comes fully loaded with installed programs that include the 5-line monitor, MDE, PPC ActiveSync™, and general information)
  • Fluid reservoir filling device, storage bottles, and solution recipes
  • Hard carry case with wheels
  • Installation discs for programming SMART STAT and Pocket PC
  • Instruction and PPC manuals
  • I/O manubrium and lower right leg
  • Manikin Data Editor program (used for initializing student records; maintaining recordings of student sessions; and creating, editing, exporting, or removing scenarios)
  • Patient simulator
  • Pocket PC with Windows® operating system (Bluetooth™ capable, connection to manikin possible with USB cable, simple screen configurations, runs up to 6 manikins at a time, controls student sessions and scenario progress)
  • Replacement parts included (pneumothorax pads, IV veins, IM injection sites, pericardiocentesis pads, manubrium pads, cricothyrotomy neck skins, teeth, and lubrication for intubation)
  • Sweat shorts
  • USB cable
  • Wireless microphone for speaking through patient simulator head

Options Available:

Options Available for SMART STAT:

  • Additional sound libraries
  • Battery charger (SB46565U)
  • Battery leg (SB46528U)
  • Casualty simulation kits that depict wound and disease states (SB30995U), (SB48077U), (SB01622U), (SB47937U), (SB22338U), (SB30089U), and (SB34487U).

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows® XP or higher, utilized by Manikin Data Editor (computer not needed to operate the manikin).