periodontal gum model

Periodontal Inflamed Recession Abrasion Teeth Model

NPGRP2D001 Periodontal Hard Gingiva NPGRP2D001 Periodontal Hard Gingiva

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Periodontal involved model 28 teeth, with hard gingivae. Demonstration Periodontal involved model 28 teeth, with hard gingivae.

Demonstrates healthy gingivae on one side and the opposing side shows inflamed tissue, recession and tooth brushing abrasion. Realistically shaded 2 colored teeth are not removable.

This highly detailed dental model is a depiction of the upper and lower jaws showing also a cross - section of the teeth and jaw. The 2 piece model opens to reveal the palate and the masticating surface of the teeth.

Key Card indicates the 18 numbered features. Finely painted fiberglass. Mounted on a stand.Dental hygiene model for dental hygiene training.

Excellent for Dental Schools students techniques practicing, training, dental offices for patient's demonstrations and also for legal presentations.