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Periodontal Orthodontic Hygiene Flossing Brushing

NPHE79229 Periodontal Orthodontic Hygiene Model NPHE79229 Periodontal Orthodontic Hygiene Model

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Periodontal Orthodontic Hygiene Involved Teaching Model. Flossing, Brushing, Depicting the lower jaw, this model is perfect for discussing and demonstrating proper dental techniques, such as brushing, flossing, and cleaning between braces.

Also can be used to demonstrate the application of fluoride varnish. Features a removable, healthy first molar and a removable, decayed first molar with cavities to show how a lack of proper cleaning affects dental health. Comes with a bag of simulated plaque that can be placed between teeth and removed with dental floss during flossing demonstrations. 6" x 2" x 5".