practice tooth extraction models

Periodontal Tooth Extraction, Surgery Root Scaling

NPRI21DP400G Periodontal Teeth Extraction Model NPRI21DP400G Periodontal Teeth Extraction Model

Buyamag INC


Dental tooth extraction model with clear soft transparent gingivae, Included: 28 anatomically rooted removable, reusable teeth, DP articulator.

This typodont - model used for teeth extraction teaching, learning, gain correct professional experience, practicing and training. All teeth - removable, durable ( long - life reusable ), and can be easily reinserted back for multiple times usage and long practice in dental schools and home settings.

Life-like superior dental teeth anatomy in comparison to other rooted typodont - models. Typodont can be mounted on rod bench mount, or on chair mount, dental simulator head phantom

Spare teeth available if needed

Used in Dental Schools educational programs and practical work students experience training. American-Made, every step in the production of the dental manikins