Periodontal Hygiene model

Periodontal Training Model

Periodontal Training Model
NPP15DPTR56D Periodontal Hygiene Training NPP15DPTR56D Periodontal Hygiene Training

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Artificial Teeth Calculus Plaque Tartar In 15ml Bottle For Periodontal Hygiene Cleaning Practice Models
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Replacement Teeth set with calculus
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Periodontal model, 32 teeth clear gingivae used for periodontal practice and training techniques. Tooth #19 is present. Upper and lower jaw model with soft pink silicone tissue and metal pole mount articulator, made with enhanced gingival areas for finger placement. Edentulous in space #19 with #14 super-erupted. All screw retained dentition is anatomically rooted is supplied with dark sub gingival calculus material for scaling practice.