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NPCDFKMC210 Pinc Gingiva Periodontal Extraction Model NPCDFKMC210 Pinc Gingiva Periodontal Extraction Model

Buyamag INC


Articulated teeth extraction model and Periodontal Model; Pink Or Clear Gingiva, 32 teeth anatomically-rooted teeth; osseous and gingival defects, Inflammation; demonstrating case patterns Type I, II, III and IV (as listed in "Current Procedural Terminology for Periodontal", third edition). Excellent for Dental Schools students techniques practicing, training, dental offices for patient's demonstrations and also for legal presentations. Please select which type of gingiva you need.

Suitable for: Root Planning, Tooth Extractions, Suitable for Scaling, Periodontal and Bone Surgery Included: Clear Or Pink Gingiva, Calculus on Teeth, Anatomically-Rooted Teeth, Osseous and Gingival Defects, Simulating Chronic Generalized Periodontitis.

Used in Dental Schools educational programs and practical work students experience training. American-Made, every step in the production of the Dental Manikins