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Personal Germ Guardian
Air Ionizer NPN203B Personal Germ Guardian Air Ionizer NPN203B Personal Germ Guardian

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Air Negative Ionizer Personal Germ Guardian - Air Ionizer is small and lightweight enough to carry wherever you go, it also includes a neck strap that you can ware around your neck. It uses ionic Breeze Technology to deliver rich ions, so allergens, smoke and pollutants are forced away by the negative ions. It is your ideal traveling companion. Germ Guardian - Air Ionizers (Negative Ion Generators) for the home are widely used. What about the air you breath in Airplane, Office, Working Place, Library, Public Transportation, Movie Theater ...? Personal Germ Guardian - Air Ionizer can improve air quality, create wellness, reduce airborne Bacteria, and promote a more positive state of mind.
The Personal Germ Guardian releases Negative Ions so that Pollen, Mold Spores, Dust Particles present in the air are attracted, and stick to each other. The Clumps of Particles are then heavy enough for gravity to pull them down to the floor. Air Ionizers increase the concentration of negative ions in the air, refreshing the air by removing Mildew, Dust, and Smoke. A Personal Germ Guardian can help maintain a Naturally Beneficial Environment inside your Surrounding Space, allowing you to stay more Alert and Relaxed, or helping you become a Safer Driver. The Personal Germ Guardian will create a pleasant smell, the same as in Nature after a Thunder Storm, Water Falls, Ocean Breeze, Forest ...
The Batteries inside of the Personal Germ Guardian are Rechargeable and one charge lasts 60 hours. The battery charger is included. Hanger strap is adjusted to suitable length as required. Compact Size, Light Weight, easy to Use, No Maintenance Need. Only Silver Color Available.

Personal Germ Guardian Features:
Voltage ---------------- Dc. 3v
Power ------------------ 0.2v.
Ion Output ------------- ≥2 x 106/cm3
Battery ---------------- Rechargeable, Included
Batteries Charge Last -- 60hrs.
Battery Charger ------- Included
Neck Hanger Strap ----- Included
Dimensions ------------ 78*40*18(mm)
Weight ----------------- 50g.
Color ------------------- Silver