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Pulse Magnassage 2H-60

ms60 ms60

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The Belt-Type Pulse Magnetic Massager contains 60 wheels and 60 neodymium magnets. Creates beneficial magnetic field 4" from surface of rollers.

It enables the user to massage one's complete body by one's self.

The user can modulate the pressure according to one's own needs and desires.

It can be used while sitting down or standing up.

The belt-type massager does not require batteries or electricity, is sturdily constructed, and confidently carries a full one (1) year limited warranty.

And......The Belt-Type Pulse Magnetic Massager feels GREAT!

Warning: Those with pacemakers should first check with their physician before using this product. In addition, the massager should not be used on the abdomen of pregnant women.

(Unlimited one year manufacturing warrantee)