Qdex Acupuncturists Quick Index Quide Of Acupoints, Meridians

Qdex Acupuncturists Quick Index Quide Of Acupoints, Meridians

Acupuncture Qdex Acupuncture Qdex

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"Qdex" is Like Your Own Second Memory !

Put Quick "Qdex" On Your Professional Desk Top

This Acupuncture "Quick Qdex Quide" is an important tool for Acupuncture Health Professionals and Acupuncture Oriental Medicine Students, Chiropractors. Qdex Helps Safely place needles, easy and fast fiend acupoints, energy meridians accordingly with each Symptom and Disease. And this information always on the tips of your fingers ( just kip it in your office on your desk top )! 418 pages, Color Diagrams will help faster fiend and remember Acupuncture Needle Placement Points, their functions and Acupuncture Results. All Acupoints include important relevant information, such as where to find it, what it does, when to use it, how to needle it, and special attributes. Quick Qdex" is a quick, yet comprehensive Reference Guide of Acupoints for students, new Acupuncturists as well as established Acupuncture practitioners. 361 acupoints of 14 Channels and 40 extra points are presented in full- color Anatomical Illustrations and Diagrams. Acupuncture "Quick Qdex" shows Anatomical Structures and Illustrated with Acupoints for easy point location. The Pin Yin and English translation, and Chinese characters for each Acupoint are given. Nerves, Arteries, Bones, Muscles, and Tendons of each Acupoint are divided into different colors for easy and clear visualization and study.

Size: 10" x 8" x 2"