QPalm-Acupuncture Software For Palm Or For Pocket PC

QPalm-Acupuncture Software For Palm Or For Pocket PC

Acupuncture Software 1.5 For Palm
QPalm Acupuncture Therapy Program For Palm 1.5 QPalm Acupuncture Therapy Program For Palm 1.5

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Acupuncture Software 1.5 For Pocket PC
For Pocket PC
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Acupunctura Spanish Para Pocket PC 1.0 Qpalm
Acupunctura Spanish Para Pocket PC
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QPalm Acupuncture Is like Your Second Memory !

"QPalm Acupuncture" Software Program is an important tool for Acupuncturists, Health Professionals and Acupuncture Oriental Medicine Students, Chiropractors. QPalm Acupuncture helps safely and correct place on the Patients Body: Needles, Seeds, Press Needles, Magnets, easy and fast. Also helps Fiend and Remember : Acupoints, Energy Meridians accordingly with each Symptom and Disease. And this information always on the tips of your fingers! Just kip Pocket PC or QPalm Acupuncture in your Pocket, in the Office on your Desk top )! Qpalm is the First Acupuncture Program for PDA with full Color Illustrations. Qpalm Acupuncture is a quick, yet comprehensive reference guide of Acupoints for students as well as practitioners

  • Qpalm acupuncture 1.5 is upgraded version from Qpalm acupuncture1.0.
  • The difference between two versions is clinical appplication part.
  • 1.5 version includes clinical application part in which acupoints and formula to treat 59 diseases and pattern identifications of each disease are enumerated. So it will be very useful in your clinical use.


  • Illustrated - Qi flows in 20 primary Channels.
  • Presented in Full-Color: 361 Points of 14 Channels & 40 Extrapoints,
  • Anatomical Illustrations Nerves, Arteries, Bones, Muscles, and Tendons of each Acupoint are divided into different Colors for easy and clear visualization.
  • All Acupoints include important relevant information, such as:
  • 1 where to find it
  • 2 what it does
  • 3 when to use it
  • 4 how to needle it
  • 5 special attributes.
  • Treatment includes Acupoints Location
  • Herbal Formula for different Patterns and Diseases.
  • Functions
  • Edit Function ------------- You can edit the text.
  • Search Function --------- After searching key word, you can see the result and click the Acupoints on the list one by one to see the image and text.

Download the demo --- Qpulm Palm Pilot

Demo for Mac User

Note: For Windows user, if you have trouble with the installer, try downloading this non-installer version.

How To Download ?

As soon as you purchase this program, you will receive an email with the link and instruction, so that you can download the Software from the link in the email. If you want to get the disk type material, you have to call us 760-804-1434

Tan pronto como usted adquiera este Acupunctura Programa, usted recibirá un e-mail y asi podrá descargarlo desde el link del e-mail. Si usted desea recibir el material en disco, nos tiene que llamar al 760-804-1434

Qpalm es una rápida , pero comprensiva guía de referencia de Acupuntos, para estudiantes así como para profecionales

Requirements to use Qpalm - Acupuncture 1.5 (For Palm):

- Palm OS 5 or above

- 4MB available ram

- Recommended device speed: 100Mhz+

- High resolution screen: Palm: 320x320

Requirements to use Qpalm - Acupuncture 1.5 (For Pocket PC):

- Pocket PC 2003, Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC

- .Net Compact Framework (For Pocket PC 2003, the framework is preinstalled.)

- 4MB available ram

- Recommended device speed: 206Mhz+

No refund after purchasing this or any other software