Quantronic Resonance System

Quantronic Resonance System

NPQRS101 Quantronic Resonance System NPQRS101 Quantronic Resonance System

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In May of 1998 the QRS was awarded a Gold Medal at the
26th International Exhibition of Inventions.
Now it is patented worldwide.

The QRS affects the metabolism of every cell in the body, making the difference between re-generation (increased vitality and wellbeing) and de-generation (the downhill slide).

We are made of cells, which make up our muscles, organs, nerves, and blood supply, in fact everything in our body. Just as we need good raw materials to create a well-built house, we need good cells, which are the basic building blocks of the body.
Every imbalance or "disease" of the body occurs on a cellular level. Therefore good health relies on healthy cells.

The healing effects of Magnetic Fields have been known for 100's of years, The QRS has been identified as the ideal field type, strength and duration for broad-spectrum positive results.
The Control Unit generates and controls a Pulsating Electro Magnetic field that penetrates the body through MAGNETIC COILS installed in Magnetic Applicators (the COIL MAT and the COIL PILLOW). The computer CONTROL UNIT adjusts and controls the intensity of the Electro Magnetic Field and the duration. The duration is always eight minutes after which the computer automatically turns off the magnetic field.

The COIL MAT HAS SIX COILS. The two COILS nearest the head (where the cord is fixed) are the least intense. The two COILS in the center are stronger. And the two COILS nearest the feet are the strongest.
The COIL PILLOW HAS ONE PAIR OF COILS. The COIL PILLOW has been included in the QRS set and is ideal for local parts of the body such as leg or arm injuries. As a benefit of a small size, the COIL PILLOW is convenient to use during travel in helping the whole body

COIL MAT --- 29" x 67"

Just 8 minutes twice daily

COIL PILLOW --- 21" X 12"

WEIGHT --- 10 pounds (with the carrying case)

Power --- available 110v or 220v.

Output --- 6v,DC,

Magnetic Field -- 30 Micro Tesla

Material --- COIL MAT AND COIL PILLOW covered with soft, strong, long lasting, artificial leather.


The COIL MAT and COIL PILLOW are covered under warranty for factory defects for a period of six months. This does not include shipping and handling.