human rectum pathology model

Rectum Model Human Anatomical Model Pathology

NPG335R Rectuum Model NPG335R Rectuum Model

Buyamag INC


This highly detailed and illustrated, hand painted human rectum cut - away model is one and one half times life size . Displaying 12 common human rectum pathologies. Mounted on a polished base. Educational card included with indication of anatomical points and Rectum Pathologies. This model is used by medical schools in student's educational programs to easy learn and understand anatomy and pathologies of the human Rectum. Used in doctor's offices for patent's education in colon disease and prevention. Also used for legal presentations.


  • Finely painted
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Internal and External Fistula
  • Internal and External Hemorrhoids
  • Annular Cancer
  • Sessile Polyp
  • Submucosal Abscess
  • Skin Tag
  • Pedunculated Polyp
  • Supralevator Abscess
  • Ischiorectal Abscess
  • Cryptitis
  • Diverticulum
  • Condyloma Latum
  • Model Size: 5.5" x 2.5" x 7"
  • Card Size : 6.5" x 5.5"