Red Panax Ginseng

Red Panax Ginseng

One Box (30 bottles)
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For thousands of years ginseng also known as "panacea" or "elixir of life" has been used in Chinese medicine for promoting vitality and maintaining the equilibrium, homeostasis of the body. the first record of prescription of ginseng as a medical herb appears as early as A.D. 456-536 on one of the oldest and most revered oriental medicine book, Shen Nung Pharmacopoeia. the term Ginseng in Chinese derives from "man" and "essence", meaning the essence of the man or of the earth.The Ginseng Root has been the single most valuable herb in traditional Chinese Medicine for 1000's of years.


One box-30 bottles

One bottle 0.34 fl oz (10cc)

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