Red Panax Ginseng With Royal Jelly

Red Panax Ginseng With Royal Jelly

Each Box Contains 30 bottles
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9 year old Chinese Red Panax Ginseng with Royal Jelly in a Honey Base. This exclusive combination of high nutritious components with a very pleasant taste, quaranteed high efficiency.


For thousands of years ginseng also known as "panacea" or "elixir of life" has been used in Chinese medicine for promoting vitality and maintaining the equilibrium, homeostasis of the body. the first record of prescription of ginseng as a medical herb appears as early as A.D. 456-536 on one of the oldest and most revered oriental medicine book, Shen Nung Pharmacopoeia. the term Ginseng in Chinese derives from "man" and "essence", meaning the essence of the man or of the earth.The Ginseng Root has been the single most valuable herb in traditional Chinese Medicine for 1000's of years.


Queen bees are made, not born, and their feeding with royal jelly is the key to that process. Without this special food, queen bees fail to develop properly. Royal jelly is a thick, extremely nutritious, milky-white, creamy liquid secreted by the hypoparryngeal glands of the nurse bees. Queen bees live exclusively on royal jelly and it accounts for their incredible size and longevity. They average 42 percent larger and 60 percent more than the worker bee. Amazingly they live 40 times longer than worker bees, seven years as compared to seven weeks. In the wild, Queen bees will produce 2000 eggs per day with each day's brood equal 2 1/2 times her own body weight.


One box-30 bottles, ONE MONTH SUPPLY.

One bottle 0.34 fl oz (10cc)

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