Replacement 4 Cutting Blades Set

Replacement 4 Cutting Blades Set

Replacement Cutting 4 Blades Set for Herb Electric slicer Replacement Cutting 4 Blades Set for Herb Electric slicer

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This Power Automatic Herb Slicing Machine - User Friendly, made of Stainless Still. Efficiently Speed-Up and Safe Time in Slicing Soft Herbs to Smaller Sizes, and than Drying Herbs. Also Faster and Easier Grinding process in to the Powder In The Herb Grinders. Herb Slicer Is a Tool for Herbal Manufacturer, Producing Herbal Remedies, Teas, Herbal Pills, Herbal Capsules, Herbal Tea, Herbal Extracts, Herbal Powder. Herb Slicing Machine assisting in the process of Herb Powder Production. Will cut Soft Herb Sticks: Roots, Twigs, Branches in to small pieces (chips), so the Herb Grinders can grind them in to Herb Powder, or making Herb Extract. The Slicing Machine design with a Size Calibration Selector Knob (on the top of the machine ). The Slicer Allow Calibrate - the Thickness of sliced Herbs (from 0.3 to 3mm). The outstanding speed, and power will allow you to make 720 slices/min. with just a push of the button (on the side of the machine) Herbal Powder, Extracts Used by Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine Factories, Acupuncturists, Herbalist, Homeopath, Naturopath. Herb Powder Used In Manufacturing Herbal Medicine, Pharmaceutical Industries, Research Laboratories. This Power Automatic Herb Slicing Machine will save a lot of time, effort and hard work by Slicing the Soft Herbs: Plants, Ginseng Roots, Vegetation, Fruits, Branches and other Herbal Medicine Ingredients. The Herbs: Ginseng, or any other Roots, Branches, Medicinal Twiggs Sticks should be in soft condition. Increase Herbal Production Efficiency: Herb Extract, Tea, Herbal Capsules Production with Automatic Herb Slicing Machine! Optional Spare Replacement Slicing Blades Set. Set Include: 3 Slicing Blades, 6 Forged Screws, Washers, Tool ( See as on Photo ). Use with extreme caution: Sharp cut, and handle with care. Disconnect the Power Supply When: Service, Change cutting blades, Cleaning the Slicer. Always Use Plungers for feeding herbs in to the Slicer. Newer Put Fingers in Feeding Holes

Specifications: 4 feeding holes, Adjustable slices (0.1 ? 3 mm) knob , Speed-180rpm, Cutting blades - 4, Power-1200w, Weight-34lb, Size-8. x 16". Voltage- 115v, On Off switch, Sound - Quiet, Stainless-Steel.