Replacement 9 Stools Set

Replacement 9 Stools Set

NPSB51817U Set of Nine Stools NPSB51817U Set of Nine Stools

Buyamag INC


Simple to set up and use, this model allows students to practice performing rectal examinations to assess the amount and consistency of stools in the rectum. Once the model is placed on its left side, it is already in the left lateral position for the examination of nine types of stool ranging from soft to hard. Set of 13 laminated photographs depict these anal sphincter conditions. Simulator includes: buttocks model with rectum, set of nine stools, set of 13 laminated anal sphincter conditions photographs in folder, anus and anal canal, lubricating jelly, instruction manual, and hard carrying case. 17" L x 10-1/2" W x 11-3/4" H. Two-year warranty.

Depict These Anal Sphincter Conditions:

  • AIDS - anal warts
  • Crohn’s disease - anal tag 1
  • Crohn’s disease - anal tag 2
  • Fistula in ano 1
  • Fistula in ano 2
  • Hemorrhoids 1
  • Hemorrhoids 1
  • Hemorrhoids - external
  • Pilonidal abscess
  • Prolapsed vagina
  • Rectal prolapse 1
  • Rectal prolapse 2
  • Squamous cell carcinoma